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Dimethyl propiothetin (DMPT) is an algae metabolite. It is a natural sulfur-containing compound (thio betaine) and is considered the strongest attractor available. In several lab- and field tests DMPT comes out as the best feed inducing stimulant ever tested. DMPT not only improves feed intake, but also acts as a water soluble hormone-like substance. DMPT also enhances the ability to cope with stress associated with catch / transportation of fish and other aquatic animals.

Recommended inclusion level is 0.5g to 2g per Kg of base mix. Can be used up to 2g per Litre of liquid in bait soaks/dips. With this ultra-strong additive, less is more. Too much can repel the fish.

Always use gloves, do not taste / ingest or inhale, keep away from eyes and children.

Use only in hookbaits (lures) which will not be digested.

It is not allowed to be fed to fish and animals in general according to EU decree 1831/2003.

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