Premium Fishmeal Groundbait (Krill & Green Lipped Mussel)

Premium Fishmeal Groundbait (Krill & Green Lipped Mussel)




Our Premium Fishmeal Groundbait has been formulated with the a mixture of high quality fishmeal’s, along with a mixture of highly attractive additives and feed stimulants. Not only does this mix contain Green lipped mussel it also includes Krill meal, both are absolutely rammed with attraction. They are extremely well know for there outstanding results. If that isn’t enough we have also added the most pungent and powerful soluble fishmeal attractor available, which has created a seriously devastating groundbait. It has been designed to hold together allowing it to reach the bottom of the lake bed before it starts to break down. Can be balled, cupped, used in method feeder, used as a stick mix or as a paste.


  • LT-94 Fishmeal
  • Fishmeal Pre-Digested – (most pungent and powerful soluble fishmeal attractor available)
  • In house blend of milk proteins
  • Ground pellet powder
  • Green lipped mussel
  • Krill meal
  • Betaine


  • High in protein
  • Rich in valuable food source
  • Great for F1’s, carp, bream, tench
  • Packed with attraction & feed stimulants
  • Packed with amino acids

Tip: Remember our whey powder can be used to add binding to any mix. Start by adding 8% – 80g per kg mix, you can then adjust accordingly. Adding more will increase the binding, vis versa adding less will decrease the break down time.



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